AAMP Mission

Advanced Applications in Medical Practice (AAMP) was created by Dr. Anderson with a mission to elevate physicians to a higher level of theoretical understanding and clinical application, for the wellbeing and improvement of their patients’ health.

AAMP can achieve this by delivering two conferences a year that are highly topical to physician’s specific needs and formulating a schedule that has a very distinct flow from Day 1’s commencement to its conclusion on Day 3 in order to maximize the learning.

The next part of AAMP’s mission is not to simply stop after Day 3 of the conference, but to allow time for the attendees to digest what has been covered, allow them time to put some of that new found knowledge into practice, and then have a forum for follow up. This is achieved by the AAMP post-conference webinars, integral to the registration fee, that allows this opportunity to address any queries or concerns.

AAMP is committed to delivering real tangible value to those health care professionals and vendors who become part of this community.