Seattle based Advanced Medical Therapies (AMT) was founded by Paul Anderson, N.M.D. with a specific focus on advanced therapies that he has developed over the past three decades to improve health via therapeutic synergy. He focuses on the care of patients with cancer, chronic diseases and complicated medical presentations. Dr. Anderson's credentials as a proven and highly respected Integrative Medicine faculty lecturer is unsurpassed, both in the U.S. and globally. He is a medical author and speaks at numerous continuing medical education courses, both live and on-line. Over the years, Dr. Anderson has built such a strong reputation from his vast scientific and clinical application knowledge base, that physicians specifically target the events where he is participating. His ability to relay in-depth education at an easy to understand level, sets him apart, and now, advanced learning through AAMP is planned to take this knowledge base to a new level.


Florida based FMI Marketing was established by owners Sharon and Jeremy Phillips over two decades ago. The vast majority of FMI's portfolio is devoted to event management, particularly in the health care sector, where they have gained a great reputation and strong following, by continually listening to delegate and vendor needs and delivering a conference experience that exceeds expectations. FMI is an IATA approved full service accredited agency. Whether it's the quality of healthy eating options, controlling the meeting room in a structured and timely manner, or devoting sufficient attention to our exhibitors and sponsors, who are the life support of any sustainable conference series, FMI looks to deliver the perfect solution.

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Together with the Education acumen of Dr. Anderson, and the logistical competencies of FMI, Advanced Applications in Medical Practice was created. Within this management combination, AAMP will provide you with new and improved Integrative Medicine education at the more advanced level, both during the "live" conferences, and also through the interactive webinar series. Throughout the year, AAMP will look to attract leading faculty lecturers in health care to support advanced educational learning, contribute their knowledge, and complement Dr. Anderson's vision for improving patient wellbeing.