Dr. Anderson is currently finalizing the 3-Day agenda that will be published here shortly.


  • Focus-1: Integrative Oncology Updates

    • Nutrigenomics and Cancer Therapies

  • Focus-2: Treatment Modules on Specific Cancers

    • Prostate
    • Breast
    • Colorectal
    • Lung

  • Focus-3: Food, Diet and Cancer
  • Focus-4: Interventions through the Four Phases of Cancer Care

    • Primary Prevention
    • Diagnosis through Active Care
    • Recovery from Active Care
    • Secondary Prevention


  • Proper laboratory assessment
  • Whole person health assessment and monitoring (beyond ID)
  • Infectious agent therapies to marginalize or eradicate
  • Strengthening the immune system to resist reinfection
  • Dealing with biofilms and resistance factors
  • Proper treatment of comorbid areas during ID therapies
  • Patient motivation & management


  • Cancer Lab Assessment
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Endocrine, GI, Immune and other contributory area assessment
  • Therapies using:

    • Rx. agents
    • Natural agents
    • Rx and Natural (Herbal, Nutrient, Homeopathic, etc.) supportive therapies
    • IV and Injection Therapies
    • BHRT and other Compounded Medications
    • Diet and Lifestyle Modifications

  • Emerging and traditional therapies:

    • Heat / Hyperthermia
    • Photodynamic Therapies
    • Immunotherapies