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AAMP Fall 2021

"It's exciting to be the fastest growing integrative medical conference in the U.S. Throughout the years, in my speaking engagements, so many physicians would express disappointment during 3-day courses and what was being presented never really progressed to more in-depth advanced learning. They challenged me to create a different type of course that takes you above and beyond in the theory, clinical applications and ongoing protocols. This short video provides the outline."

This CME event will focus on the clinical management of patients desiring integrative and naturopathic oncology care. Specific information regarding care of patients during active chemotherapies and radiation as well as recovery from those interventions will be covered. Integrative strategies for any patient with cancer using nutrigenomic assessment, dietary intervention and natural therapies will also be covered. AAMP will also have four cancer specific modules on the most common cancers seen in practice (breast, prostate, lung, and colon) given by experts in those areas.

AAMP Fall Conference 2021 is designed to bring expert speakers who deal with these diagnoses and can demystify and clarify assessment, therapy, and troubleshooting.

AAMP's Value Proposition Is Significant

What Attendees Are Saying

"Dr. Anderson and the AAMP team did a wonderful job in vetting the expertise and selecting phenomenal speakers. The level of expertise left me in awe. I consider myself dialed in many areas of clinical areas, yet I left totally inspired and appreciative of this presentation."

Dr. Chris Meletis

"Best conference I've been to. The organization was impeccable. All speakers had high level presentations - the content/handouts far exceeded my expectations. The sponsors and breakout sessions were extremely informative. Best food I've had at any conference. I'm so impressed and will be attending and recommending AAMP to my colleagues."

Dr. Ashley Chauvin

"Truly, I feel that all presentations were well done and clinically valuable. The food was excellent! AAMP conferences are a new favorite for me - you organize them wonderfully and the content is terrific!"

Dr. Mark Bricca

"I rated the speakers on new info for me and how applicable in using these therapies with patients. At AAMP, all speakers are great! The resources are abundant, and I'm confident in being able to apply new things learned with my patients."

Dr. Kathryn Brooks

"Not only was this the best virtual conference I've ever attended, but as usual, Dr. Anderson delivered dense and clinically relevant content that I was able to convert into practice protocols immediately. This conferences really pulled the pieces together and left me with much greater clarity.
Too often medical conferences are just a jumble of research articles and you leave without having any clear benefit. AAMP Conferences are like training programs. You leave feeling like an expert, with treatment protocols in place. "

Dr. Becky Andrews

What Exhibitors Are Saying

"We have been a primary sponsor with AAMP since Day 1 and are looking forward to their 9th and 10th International Conferences in 2021. Although we have all experienced some extreme challenges during 2020, AAMP delivered two virtual conferences this year and again placed as much emphasis as they could on the well being of the exhibitors. Clearly, it is much harder to encourage traffic to virtual booths, but AAMP rose to the challenge, developed a suitable platform and above all, patiently worked with us to ensure that we knew our way around and how we could maximize the opportunity. Functional Genomic Analysis is proud to be associated with Dr. Anderson and his advanced medical conferences."

"AAMP continues to claim that they put the vendors first, as we are the bedrock of any sustainable conference program, and that comes through in the way we are treated. From the time our exhibitor form is submitted to the post-conference sweep up, the AAMP staff are there to support us. Dr. Anderson and his team run a highly professional conference, and this is evident when attendees join us in the Expo Hall. There's always a great atmosphere in the room and that enables great conversation and relationship building. We like the ratio of attendees to vendors with AAMP, because too many conferences have an imbalance, with several vendors scrambling after the same prospects. We have exhibited at several AAMP conferences and is happy to be associated with this conference series."

"With so many conferences to choose from, why do we keep coming back to AAMP time after time? 4 words come to mind. Attention, Respect, Professional, Appreciated.
AAMP's attention to detail is second to none. As an example, I can't recall the last time we didn't see physicians in the Expo Hall right on time. AAMP's time keeping in the conference room is precise and as an exhibitor, that is very much appreciated.
They are totally respectful of every exhibitor. All meals are served in the Expo Hall, allowing us time to engage with all the physicians. Professional is a phrase that applies to AAMP right across the board. From Dr. Anderson, who we have known and respected for several years, to the entire AAMP conference team, this continues to be a high-level event that results in good new business opportunities. Ultimately, it's clear how much Dr.A and his team appreciate our loyalty and it continues to feel more like a family partnership."

Latest AAMP News

Advanced Integrative Oncology
All The Recordings & Course Material Now Available

AAMP Latest News 1

If you missed this year's AAMP 10th International Fall Conference, you can still obtain all the course material and 3 days of high quality video recordings from AAMP's hybrid set.
18 Cat 1 AMA PRA Credits ™ available until December 31st, if eligible.

Advanced Cardiology For The Clinician
1-Day Online CME Webinar in November, 2021

AAMP Latest News 2

This eagerly awaited 6-hour course on cardiovascular disease where three experienced physicians will share their insight into this therapy. Join us “live” or if preferred, obtain the “post-webinar” recordings.

AAMP’s 2022 Conference Series Planning To Stay Hybrid


Having delivered the 2021 Fall Conference as “hybrid”, Jeremy Phillips, AAMP’s Event Organizer is confident of continuing this format in 2022. He commented, “Our loyal attendees have spoken, and while many are happy to be back in-person and wanting that to continue, several have commented that given the choice, remaining in their home environment is preferred. This can be for a multitude of reasons and not just travels restrictions or health concerns. AAMP will continue to provide flexibility and a professional delivery, whether in-person or virtual.”


  Travelling The Globe To AAMP

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AAMP Testimonial - Drs. Hernandez

Appreciating AAMP's Healthy Eating Options 

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AAMP Attracts The Best Minds

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AAMP Thanks Its Loyal Supporters


AAMP's Conference Curriculum Is Planned Based On Physician's Needs ​

  • Dr. Paul Anderson's semi-annual conferences deliver the topics you want to hear.
  • Up to 5 medical specialists support Dr. Anderson during the 3-Day Conference.
  • The curriculum always takes a deep dive into the critical areas, so the attendee is better informed.  


Doubletree Resort By Hilton In Beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona: The Perfect Venue for AAMP's Guests ​

AAMP is proud to continue a long-term association with The DoubleTree Resort Hilton Paradise Valley in Scottsdale, Arizona. The resort, with lush tropical gardens, is just one mile from Old Town Scottsdale and 12 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.


AAMP discounted group block available at $184 a night for single/double occupancy.
(Rate includes waived resort fee, normally $35 a day for additional amenities including Wi-Fi)