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AAMP Spring 2023 Information
Discovering AAMP
AAMP 2023 Spring Information
Discovering AAMP

Dr. Paul Anderson’s AAMP Conference Series

Delivering Exceptional Value of Advanced Level Learning
Combined with the Perfect Logistical Delivery

The fastest growing Medical Integrative Conferences in the United States

Welcome to AAMP

Orchestrated by Dr. Anderson, AAMP delivers two conferences each year with a selection of highly topical themes. Dr. A.’s lectures are supported by the best faculty specialists in their field of expertise.

Chronic Neurological Disorders


Scope of the course and how to enter

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Chronic Neurological Disorders


CE outline and professional eligibility

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Chronic Neurological Disorders


Historical evolution of AAMP in pictures

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Interaction With The Audience

“AAMP ensures that all attending physicians can engage with faculty
specialists. Check what your peers are saying about the AAMP experience”

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Whether in person or remote, here is what AAMP attendees are saying

“The depth of knowledge, breadth of experience, and vulnerability with willingness to share was unparalleled with all of the speakers!! AAMP and Dr. Anderson continue to be my favorites. The level of education and quality of speakers is unmatched!”

Dr. Cari Spencer

“Normally when attending virtually for this long of a period, attention span is limited. The first virtual conference where I have felt 100% engaged and wasattributed to the wonderful speakers and topics. Enjoyed this conference and learned a great deal!”

Dr. Carla Briante

“I say this every year and I mean it every year -hands down, the best conference. The mothership of all conferences. Can’t wait for next year. This year blew me away. Can’t wait for the videos to drop.”

Dr. Shinshan Wang

“The speakers were all incredibly well prepared and did such a good job getting the information out in a manner that could be well understood as well as being able to be useful Always time well spent at AAMP conferences.”

Dr. Jose A. Ortiz


AAMP Looks after its vendor partners at every conference. That’s why they remain loyal partners year after year.

Past AAMP Conferences

A library of medical knowledge is available. Obtain any of the past conference recordings and course material.