AAMP Virtual Fall 2021

Quiz Questions: ACCME


Attendee Guidance

  • If you attended all 3 days of CME lectures via “live stream”, you are not required to complete the quiz.
  • If you partially attended during the 3 days, or missed all 3 days, in addition to completion of the on-line Evaluation Form, you are also required to complete the multiple-choice questions for ONLY those CME lectures that you missed via live stream, to be eligible for CME accreditation.
  • Once you have watched those lectures that you missed live, please answer the questions pertaining to the specific lecture.  66% or over per section need to be answered correctly to pass.
  • Once completed, simply press Submit
  • From receipt, processing and issuing your certificate will take 7-10 days.  We will communicate with you should we have any queries.
  • Any questions, please call Jeremy Phillips, AAMP Educational Credit Coordinator at 954.540.1286
  • Deadline for submissions: 
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