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For entry into the “Dr.Anderson Medical Innovation Award” review process, please complete the following questions and submit together with supporting material.

• Closing date for submissions is Friday, September 23rd, 2022.
• Following your submission entry, additional supporting material can be emailed to prior to the closing date.
• Winning nominee entries will be notified by AAMP within 7 days of the closing date.
• Only one clinician nominee per entry, either individually or on behalf of a clinic/group.
• Selected Nominees will be eligible to display their case studies as “Poster Presentations” in and around the exhibitor area of the AAMP conference. (AAMP will supply easels. Posters can be up to a maximum size of 36” height by 48” width landscape. Posters printed at the nominee’s expense)
• Dr. Anderson will nominate 3 finalists who will be announced and recognized in the main AAMP conference on Day 3.
• Dr. Anderson will announce the ultimate winner of the “Medical Innovation Award 2022” on Day 3.

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