Dr. Anderson Medical Innovation Awards

Congratulations to AAMP’s Spring 2022 Finalists

Dagmara Beine, PA-C, PhD  –  Poster Presentation  CLICK HERE

Steven Rondeau, N.D.  –  Poster Presentation  CLICK HERE

David Conway RPA-C, MPAS  –  Poster Presentation  CLICK HERE

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Winner – Dr. Rondeau

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For three decades, Dr. Anderson has become internationally recognized as one of the most respected and leading authorities in integrative and naturopathic medicine. With a deep understanding of chronic health conditions, and from an environment of college educator to practical applications in both the clinic and hospital settings, Dr. Anderson continues to inspire his fellow clinicians.

As Advanced Applications in Medical Practice (AAMP) continues to deliver enhanced learning for the clinician, we are introducing a new recognition in the form of the “Dr. Anderson Medical Innovation Award”. Through his vast experience, Dr. Anderson can appreciate, better than most, a good medical idea and patient application when he sees it, but now and in future years, such innovations will be recognized and acknowledged by him and his peers.

Innovations that improve patient health, including clinical outcomes and quality of life.
New healthcare advances that matter, inspire and teach others to do the same.
NOTE: Dr. Anderson will assess nominations based on submitted research, specific outline, clinical data and case study outcomes. All submissions and Dr. Anderson’s subsequent reviews are not endorsements of any specific product, service or treatment protocol under any ACCME or FDA criteria. These reviews are based on research and evaluation by Dr. Anderson and his team. They are not an endorsement or inclusion in the enduring materials for the CME of any conference, and no formal endorsements (beyond the award) should be implied or assumed.

Closing date on submissions for the AAMP Fall Conference 2022 is Friday, September 23rd, 2022


Physician Award


Together with a vast medical “toolbox’, based on experience and an abundance of knowledge, many physicians apply protocols that enhance their patients’ outcome and wellbeing.  Other clinicians will become aware of such successes, via conferences, clinical papers etc., before embarking on such treatments.

  • The Dr. Anderson Medical Innovation Award will recognize an individual physician who has navigated a new treatment protocol with enhanced results that could potentially inspire others in achieving such outcomes.
  • The physician will provide robust evidence of such outcomes, validated by other specialists who are part of the research, studies and applied protocols.

Assessment Criteria and Submissions

  • All healthcare professionals are eligible.
  • Twice a year, at each AAMP Annual Conference, an award will be presented to the individual physician.
  • The winning nominees will have demonstrated levels of improvement in clinical excellence, setting new standards and improving patient health.
  • The winning nominee should demonstrate successful results through innovative endeavors related to clinical outcomes that impact patient health and safety.
  • The winning nominee shall have made or be making a truly outstanding contribution through a medical initiative to improve the health status of individual patients, or targeted groups/communities.
  • Submissions to be received no later than 3 weeks prior to an AAMP Bi-Annual Conference.

Submission Forms will include but not be limited to,

1. Challenges – The medical issues identified for improved results.
2. Process for Change – Description of what you did to facilitate change and improvements.
3. Results – Case study outcomes.
4. Adoption Considerations – based on outcomes, how then did you apply the protocols to other patients? What were the limitations based on patient profile/existing condition?
5. Recommendations for sustaining the protocols – What steps are you now taking to sustain these evidence-based improvements?
6. Entry Form and abstract outline should be no more than 10 pages, including supporting material, i.e. images, graphs, etc.


  • Dr. Anderson will be the sole judge of this prestigious award ongoing.
    • A shortlist of 3 finalists will be selected by Dr. Anderson and notified.
    • Finalists are encouraged to prepare and display a poster in the exhibitor area, 36” x 48”. Optional, but helpful for attendees to view.
    • All Finalists will be recognized with awards, and featured in the Official Conference Program, with their abstract outline.
    • From the finalists, one outright winner will be announced by Dr. Anderson on the 3rd day of the conference.

    The finalists and winner will each receive an exclusive Dr. Anderson Medical Innovation Award and through association with AAMP, will receive marketing coverage and other key benefits, i.e. featured on the AAMP website, eblasts and other media channels.

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