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Summit To Sea Presented by New Leaf Hyperbarics

Summit to Sea is an innovative, American-made, FDA Approved, manufacturer of mild hyperbaric chambers.

New Leaf Hyperbarics uses these high-quality affordable chambers for their clinical services, chamber rentals, and sales.

Over the past decade, New Leaf has utilized mild hyperbaric therapy to help over 20k individuals. Their clients have experienced positive results in
over 120 conditions.

New Leaf has helped other medical providers to use hyperbarics as a positive adjunctive therapy in their practices.

Functional Genomics Analysis

People are turning to genetic testing to help find answers to their health and need an experienced practitioner to help them. Functional Genomic Analysis online software is the tool you need to easily guide you through this seemingly complex process.

Functional Genomic Analysis creates nutritional protocols, based upon one’s unique DNA, lab work, and presenting symptoms, giving you the ability to Assess, Analyze and Design Support™. This will take your practice into the future of care.


Biotics Research Corporation

Biotics Research Corporation is a professional nutritional supplement manufacturer founded on innovative ideas, carefully researched concepts and superior quality products. Family-owned and operated for over 40 years, Biotics Research continues to revolutionize the nutritional supplement industry by utilizing "The Best of Science and Nature" to create high-quality nutritional supplements. Biotics Research continues to innovate with clinically-proven delivery systems such as emulsified nutrients, vegetable culture tableting base, plant matrix minerals and the recipient of six patents. 

Imprimis Rx

ImprimisRx is dedicated to delivering high quality and innovative compounded medications from FDA-Registered or PCAB Accredited Facilities. We work with physicians and patients to provide access to alternative compounded medicines at affordable prices. The efficiency of our business model allows us to quickly innovate and deliver high quality medications at low costs.

Booth Number: 6
Bio-Botanical Research

Biocidin® is the flagship brand from a Bio-Botanical Research®, Inc., the recognized leader in the field of Botanical Supplements. Biocidin® was founded in response to the needs of physicians addressing the microbiome and systemic health and wellness. Our powerful formulations are clinically tested and evidence-based and have been a favorite amongst recognized healthcare practitioners for overall GI and Gut Health for the past 30 years. In response to a continued request for effective solutions to address problems associated with intestinal ecology, immune system dysregulation and detoxification, we created an end-to-end product portfolio that continues to lead the way in functional and integrative medicine.

Booth Number: 7

Breakthrough technology allows our exclusive line of Portable Hyperbaric Chambers to fit into any office, clinic or home at a low price. Physicians, clinics and wellness centers now have the ability to offer affordable Hyperbaric Therapy on-site. Hyperbaric Therapy addresses the #1 need of the body safely and effectively. Over 10,000 of our Hyperbaric Chambers are in service today, with a flawless safety record. At OxyHealth, our mission is to ethically deliver chambers to doctors, who know the science they are prescribing to.

Booth Number: 8 & 9
Ortho Molecular Products

For over 30 years, Ortho Molecular Products has partnered exclusively with health care providers to deliver nutritional solutions of the highest efficacy. The most trusted voices in health care put their trust in our products to help patients get better, faster. Our commitment to science, careful raw ingredient selection, and strict quality standards goes into every supplement we formulate.

Protocol For Life

Protocol For Life Balance is a well-researched, potent, and efficacious brand of high-quality dietary supplements and natural products sold exclusively through licensed healthcare practitioners. Protocol For Life Balance offers many unique formulas and products, that come with a money -back guarantee if any patient is less than 100% satisfied. Our mission is simply to provide quality products that lead to healthy patients and satisfied physicians.

Booth Number: 14
Weber Laser Systems

Offering more than just photodynamic laser therapy equipment and training. In addition, as part of this unique service, we also offer protocol development ranging from regenerative medicine, oncology, chronic infection, neurological disorders, and preventive medicine which enhance efficacy and support the cumulate effects of photo bio modulation. Nube Health, dedicated in creating partnerships in health and wellness advancements, has partnered with Weber laser systems to offer the most advanced photodynamic therapy offerings.

Booth Number: 16
Relax Saunas

The Relax Sauna is a portable, personal use, pure far infrared ray (FIR) sauna that provides one of the most effective ways to quickly increase core body temperature. Studies show that elevating core body temperature activates and enhances the function of the immune system. The warmth of the Relax Saunas' patented FIR generating radiators is felt instantly and will cause a profuse sweat in less than 15 minutes.

Booth Number: 20
Civic Center Pharmacy

Civic Center Pharmacy has been serving the community since 1996 with custom sterile and non-sterile medications. Our patient-focused philosophy has facilitated our growth in size and reputation. Our family of employees provide premiere quality, premiere products, and premiere service.

CNS Vital Signs

CNS Vital Signs is a world leader in the design and implementation of computerized neuropsychological assessment tools to evaluate and manage your patients cognitive status. Learn how our technology platform can help you administer in office and telemedicine cognitive assessments.  Come by our exhibit for a free trial.

Booth Number: 22
Bioclinic Naturals

Natural health pioneer, Dr. Joseph Pizzorno with fellow naturopathic physician and author, Dr. Michael T. Murray collaborated with Canada's leading functional food manufacturer to develop the ultimate professional line -- Bioclinic Naturals. Bioclinic Naturals’ commitment is to quality; pure, potent, tested and trusted products. Made in Canada, GMP, TGA (Australia) and USP certified.

American Biosciences

American BioSciences, Inc., was founded in 1999 with a goal to help health professionals enhance the lives of their patients by providing the most effective natural health products, supported by outstanding research. American BioSciences is working with universities and research organizations around the world to bring new, natural therapy options to American consumers and the doctors who support those individuals.

Booth Number: 27
US Enzyme

Finally safe, green solutions to environmental mold & mycotoxins.  Our own Trade Secrete, developed over 14 years of field use with our sister company where they offer 100% money back guarantee to clear mold and mycotoxins.  Do it yourself or refer your contractor for our successful protocol.

  • Consulting Available for your patients (Patient fee applies, Doctors No Charge)

  • Doctor Discount 20% Request code. Email us at 

Booth Number: 28
Doctor Multimedia

We are experts in website design and marketing for the medical industry. We provide doctors with internet solutions and marketing techniques that turn the web into an advantage for their practices. We focus our website design and marketing efforts solely on the medical industry, and as a result we have developed proven campaigns that improve your patient's experience, enhance your online presence, and increase your practice's bottom line.

Doctor's Data

Doctor's Data, Inc. has provided innovative specialty testing to healthcare practitioners around the world from our advanced, CLIA-licensed clinical laboratory since 1972.

A specialist and pioneer in essential and toxic elemental testing, the laboratory provides a wide array of functional testing to aid in decision making and better patient outcomes. Choose DDI to help you assess and treat heavy metal burden, nutritional deficiencies, gastrointestinal function, hormone status, cardiovascular risk, liver and metabolic abnormalities, and more.

Booth Number: 30